After graduating from Tsuji Culinary School in Osaka, Japan, He started working at Abysse – a Michelin one-star restaurant located in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. During the experience at Abysse, he broadened my culinary knowledge about the culinary connection between France and Japan, which combined premium Japanese ingredients with French gastronomy cooking techniques. The Japanese culinary affair with French cuisine was extensive at that time and still on the pitch since. This valuable time broadly sees me through to embrace the way Japanese people enjoy the beautifulness of cuisine. Not long after, he initially knew how to cook in a modern yet straightforward way and quick fusion dishes with the Japanese “wabi-sabi” spirit. After working in diverse cultures such as Korea, Japan, Canada over the last few years, he decided to choose Hanoi, Vietnam, as the next destination for my keep-happening journey. With the first project, LABRI – Oriental Neo Bistro, we will deeply use French cooking techniques that combine oriental essence to express our traditional Asian background.


After five memorable years working and studying in Japan, she has graduated from the College of Intercultural Communication at Rikkyo University (Tokyo, Japan). She chose to learn about communication mainly because of the awareness it raises of our own cultural identity and background. The self-awareness imperative helps us gain insights into our own culture and intercultural experiences. Furthermore, it can also be represented in many forms like languages, gesture/body language, or even non-verbal communication such as eye contact and facial expressions, making our conversations more charismatic. This crucial skill offers her the ability to deal across cultures, essential in a dominant multicultural society. These days, using a language as a tool to enhance the quality of life tends to be our paramount goal, especially in hospitality where high context culture is more likely to become ubiquitous. In LABRI, we will strive to build a relationship from caring and understanding the customer’s needs to deliver the best experience.


With no less than ten years in this field in the world, he has already accumulated and gained lots of experiences and successes with different kinds of projects. He would like to express his experience living in America, Korea, China and Vietnam.  As the founder of V&M Home, the first interior design platform in Vietnam, he hopes that the combination of LABRI and V&M will gradually change Vietnamese aspects of the restaurant industry. LABRI could be described as a neo-bistro, where everyone can get a casual, friendly, inexpensive French dining experience. Also, it is expected to restore people with the help of good food, service, and ambiance. By creative designs with a touch of moody blue and warm yellow lights reminiscing the sky color at dawn, he wants to create an intimate and enchanting atmosphere to ensure customers’ excellent dining experience. Not only a trend but also a lifestyle – He genuinely wishes LABRI to be your casual, reliable restaurant in Hanoi, especially for those living in Hai Ba Trung District and the surrounding areas.

  • Founder /  Creative Director – Mongtasia / V&M Home
  • B.I.D Industrial Design – Pratt Institute
  • M.P.S Interactive Telecommunications  – New York University Tisch School of the Arts